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I am a professional proofreader of court transcripts for court reporters. Perhaps I can help you upgrade your downtime when you have too much to get done and you don't have enough hours to get it all done. Please contact me if you need a legal transcript proofreader. I can help you get your transcripts turn-in ready in short order.  My goal is to communicate with you on your preferences, and while I can't promise perfection, I can promise you excellence. Feel free to contact me, and I'll respond quickly.

I can also proofread any articles, essays, newsletters, blogs and even books. If you have anything at all that needs to be proofed, I’d love to do it for you. Just shoot me an email @, and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

About Me


My name is Marietta Miller aka Morty. I am somewhere in the middle of a family with nine kids. Seven of those kids were boys; I have only one sister! Those boys are the ones who gave me the nickname Morty.

All my life it seems I was in fierce competition to keep up with all my brothers. I am no stranger to giving all I've got to prove I can do something, anything, and do it well. I was raised in a conservative environment and was taught that whatever I did, no matter how menial the job, I need to give 100% of myself. I need to be able to look at what I have done and to be proud to announce that this was done by me. This is a precept that I've carried with me throughout my life; this is how I will proofread your transcripts.

I've always had a love for words, grammar, and punctuation. The time came when I was looking to supplement my income. As I was looking for something I'd enjoy doing, this proofreading course, Transcript Proofreading, Theory and Practice, caught my attention. I signed up for the course and found I really enjoyed it. Now that I'm a professional proofreader, I can actually bring in an income doing what I love. I look forward to helping you find more free time for yourself.

The Process


I work with legal transcripts in PDF format. I will then do the mark-ups using red ink and highlights, and when finished with the transcript, I'll email only the annotated pages back to you.

I find misspelled words, homonyms, and transposed words. I check for proper spellings of names and places; I research medical terminology and verify dates and addresses. You'll then be able to make any changes to the transcript as you wish before you turn it in. You can also choose not to use the annotations I suggested, as all my corrections can be looked at as suggestions.

If the transcript is very long, I would prefer that you send them to me in a series of a manageable amount of pages, as in 50-100 pages at a time. That way as you are working on the latter part of the transcript, I will be proofing the first parts, and I'll send them back to you as you send the latter part. In that way, I can return them to you as I finish them. I'll send each new client a preference sheet that you fill out and return to me. This will enable me to proofread the transcript per your personal preferences. My goal is to have the transcript as close to perfect as we can get it.

My go-to resources are "The Gregg Reference Manual, Court Reporting", and "Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. But my favorite resource of all is my fellow proofreaders. I belong to a group where I can ask any question regarding punctuation and grammar; they are very quick and so very helpful to answer questions for me.

I will never, under any circumstances, break any confidentialities that may be in place in regards to transcripts that may come to me, should they be of a sensitive nature.


  • Standard: 48 or more hours - $0.45 per page
  • Rush: 24-48 hours - $0.60 per page
  • Expedited: Same day or less than 24 hours, - $0.90 per page

I'll be happy to work weekends as well, but expedited rates will apply unless I choose to do it of my own free will because I love my job so much. But if it's at your request because of your need to have it back before Monday, then there will be an upcharge. Answering emails in regards to questions, or concerns about any work-related issues are of utmost importance to me. I would also expect the same courtesy from my clients.